Wednesday, 14 December 2011

14th December 2011

I notice my first blog said I would regularly update my site!!  oops - 4 months later - a new blog.

Firstly, where are you followers!!

So what's been going on.  As the weather has been the complete opposite of last year, and relatively warm we have been planting up all our designs that have been under plan this year.  

October to November is a frantic time getting as many bulbs in as possible.   Bulbs are a gardeners great friend, they are not expensive, can add fabulous impact to a border and varieties can flower from early spring right through to November.  They are always a great surprise when they come, as you can bet your bottom dollar you have forgotten when you planted them!

In two gardens some extremely large trees were required, quite a learning curve here - if you are thinking of having a tree over 4-5', and it is a root ball, make sure you have some very strong men to help.  Bare root trees and shrubs are half price this time year, so it is a good time for making larger changes to your garden.  But do look after your back!

As the soil still has some warmth in it (until this week), it has been a great time to dig many herbaceous plants up and do some splitting and dividing.  We had a rather large herbaceous border to resurrect and re-create; we managed to divide 40 plants into 300 new individual plants - good value when you know what can and cant split - no need for journeys to the garden centre.

Well, off to cut the holly now for Christmas.  Happy Christmas everyone...

Monday, 8 August 2011

Carreg Dhu Garden - a hidden surprise!

Where is this garden I hear you ask?  On the Island of St Marys in the Scilly Isles.  Most people only hear of the gardens of Tresco when the Scilly Isles are mentioned, but this garden is well worth a visit too.  Carreg Dhu Garden is run by a small group of volunteers for the benefit of the local community, visitors and friends.  It was once an old disused quarry and was first created in 1986.

On a road leading to the Long Stone Terrace, you will find a small gate on the right which leads you onto a path lined with hemerocallis enticing you in.  There are many garden rooms with plants to suit their different locations; some lovely ferns in shady areas and of course the beautiful Agapanthus that adorn the Scilly Isles doted all around the sunny spots.  There were many tropical species that we cannot have on the mainland, of which some I have never come across.  The Phormium's looked enormous compared to my Lincolnshire specimens!

In the centre of the garden there is a small sign inviting you to volunteer if you wish.  Next to this is a bag of hand tools to help you with your task.  There are a couple of do's and don't's but generally you are welcome to lend a hand.

Martin and I were so taken by the garden and its concept, that we rolled our sleeves up and tackled some rather over zealous brambles; with the wild life keeping a constant vigil on our efforts; sunning themselves periodically.  After a couple of hours and some very scratched arms we felt we had let light into some overgrown areas.  It was great fun and enormously satisfying.

Have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think.  I would love to know if anyone else from the mainland has been there.

Carreg Dhu
Happy Gardening...

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Some of May's treasures!

Tulip Queen of the Night, Allium Purple Sensation and Tulip Red Shine
Tulip Angelique
Euphorbia Fireglow
Allium Purple Sensation

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Can you help me identify this tree?

Whilst tidying up one of our regular gardens, Martin and I came across a lovely tree we have never seen before.  As you can see it is now flowering, has a slight scent, and snake like bark.  None of my regulars, or plants experts can help. Has anyone come across this?

Monday, 11 April 2011

April/ late spring

Hello there, this is my first blog, My aim is to keep this updated as regularly as possible with useful tips and information, relating to each season in order to help you maintain your garden and achieve its full potential.

You may find over this last winter you have lost many things in the garden, don't worry, you need to look at this as an opportunity to bring new life and character to your garden.

If you have any questions or indeed new ideas, please comment below.

Enjoy the sunshine and i will add my first proper update of this spring shortly.