Wednesday, 14 December 2011

14th December 2011

I notice my first blog said I would regularly update my site!!  oops - 4 months later - a new blog.

Firstly, where are you followers!!

So what's been going on.  As the weather has been the complete opposite of last year, and relatively warm we have been planting up all our designs that have been under plan this year.  

October to November is a frantic time getting as many bulbs in as possible.   Bulbs are a gardeners great friend, they are not expensive, can add fabulous impact to a border and varieties can flower from early spring right through to November.  They are always a great surprise when they come, as you can bet your bottom dollar you have forgotten when you planted them!

In two gardens some extremely large trees were required, quite a learning curve here - if you are thinking of having a tree over 4-5', and it is a root ball, make sure you have some very strong men to help.  Bare root trees and shrubs are half price this time year, so it is a good time for making larger changes to your garden.  But do look after your back!

As the soil still has some warmth in it (until this week), it has been a great time to dig many herbaceous plants up and do some splitting and dividing.  We had a rather large herbaceous border to resurrect and re-create; we managed to divide 40 plants into 300 new individual plants - good value when you know what can and cant split - no need for journeys to the garden centre.

Well, off to cut the holly now for Christmas.  Happy Christmas everyone...

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