Tuesday, 8 May 2012

At Last a sunny day ...


Tim and Lesley's Garden

I started helping Tim with his garden in March 2007.  Since then the garden has held a wedding, a 21st Party and an enormous fund raising venture - so it has had to earn its keep! 

The garden had a good structural design and only needed some planting doing.  There were plenty of shrubs but not enough colour for the summer.  The only hitch was 'Watership Down' in the next door field!

 Outside the back door

In the front garden

Since we started, the garden has had to cope with two major set backs.  After three years of new planting, a new drainage system had to be put in and sadly this went through some of the garden.  But the biggest hit of all was the early winter of 2010.  It caught many of us out, but this garden especially.  The worst temperature Tim recorded was -22C - very few plants will stand this and consequently half the shrubs were killed.  This included a 10 year old Viburnum Tinus and a Laurel!  Laurel is not my favourite but I had always thought it tough and reliable!

But look today how it has recovered.....

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