Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tennis Court Transformed to a Garden

In February 2013 we started our tennis court transformation.  

One of our lovely 'regulars' who we have now been working for for over 10 years decided his tennis days were numbered. The Tennis court needed re surfacing and he was unsure what to do; "What would we do?" my eye's lit up and one of our most challenging projects began.  

There were two stipulations;  Could we transplant one of the 25 year old pleached Limes, and could we plant a Cedar Lebanon.  The rest was up to us.

As the existing area was symmetrical it made sense to run with a formal theme.  The pleached lime running alongside the court formed a superb division and backdrop, but one of the Limes impeded our access for heavy machinery and had to be removed.  Transplanting a 25 year old tree half buried under a tennis court seemed out of the question, but our client desperately wanted to save the tree.  I didn't think for a minute it would survive, how happy I am to be proved wrong!

The beech hedge was removed in the centre to make way for the centre isle.

The Cedar of Lebanon arriving from Italy - poor thing it was so cold here.

Careful manoeuvring over the pleached Lime

Digging out the central beds whilst leaving hardcore in for the paths

Many tonnes of Top soil added to make up the levels (one of the best things we did as the soil adjacent to the house is shallow)

Marking out the paths using wood and stakes for the edges

We used Everedge, steel lawn edging to create the inner circles

The final design with the Cedar centre stage.

One year later.


  1. Hi Nikki, this is such a superb transformation and it already looks lovely after just one year.
    Just been catching up with your posts and wanted to say sorry to hear about your sad loss.
    Your Mum's garden was simply wonderful and I'm sure she is greatly missed.
    Jacquie x

  2. Hi Jacquie, I will post more pictures next year when it will really have some substance to it.

    Thank you for your kind words about mum - she was a great inspiration. Nikki