Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Garden fireworks at Belvoir!

How I love this time of year.  After months of cold and gloom, suddenly it is like a firework display with colours exploding in all directions.  We visit Belvoir every two weeks and the difference is incredible.  

Following on from our visit to the Magnolia Holy Grail last week I think we are holding our own at Belvoir, just look at this one called Caerhays surprise.  He has 15 flowers this year so is doing well considering he was only planted in 2012.

On Monday morning our lawn at home was white over and I needed the ice scraper to clear my windscreen, so I feared the worst. for the Camelias.  But luckily they weren't caught and are looking their best.

This Camellia is about 15ft high!

We have yet to identify this Rhody - that will be next years job!  We are still finishing identifying all the trees at the moment!

The Great White Cherry (Prunus Tai Haku) looks stunning against the deep blue sky

Pieris looking superb, this is now a tree, about 15ft high

Another Magnolia, a Stellata, but I am not sure which one yet.  More research to do!

And finally a view into the Japanese woodland.  New paths have just been laid, so it looks better than ever.

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