Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lizzy's Garden

This garden has played an enormous role in my gardening career.  Lizzy was one of my first clients, and not only has she become a dear friend and mentor but has opened my eyes to some wonderful colours schemes and planting ideas.  

During the first years of my gardening training, Lizzy's garden was first in line to the secateurs.  It bears a few scars from my early days in using her garden for my homework – my first day I hoed up all the spring flowering anemones (thinking they were weeds) and secondly I pruned a Montana Clematis to within an inch of its life! 

Eleven years later and we are opening the garden for the 6th time to the public and the new Montana now looks old again!

I really believe a garden is a reflection of the person who creates it, and this is a perfect example.

This garden is full of colour, fun, intrigue, passion and exuberance - all in abundance!  

It is open on June 24th – send me an email if you would like to come and see it and I will send directions.

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