Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Susie's Garden

Another wonderful garden that I have worked in for over 10 years.  This garden never stands still.  Many mornings when I arrive I am greeted with "I've had an idea - what do you think?"  And as Susie travels the county looking at gardens most weekends, the ideas come thick and fast. 

 The garden has a beautiful long herbaceous border, a veg garden, a woodland garden, a bog garden and a small orchard surrounding a lawn with some established yew trees in. 

Most years either a new bed is made or an existing one changed.  We are often trying out new planting schemes using colours and shapes.  Here are two that Susie tried out last year which I think are stunning....

The Woodland garden which was started 4 years ago....  it is amazing how quickly a garden can be established.

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