Sunday, 21 April 2013

80 Volunteers at Belvoir Castle

Continuing with the long term renovation plan at Belvoir, today we started work on a new path that probably hasn't seen the light of day since before the Second World War.

This path leads from the Spring Gardens in a south westerly direction towards the Dukes walk, which was rebuilt in 2012.

This last bitterly cold winter saw a few old trees hit the deck, so amongst the head high brambles, nettles and docks, massive trunks were cleared before our team of volunteers from Loughborough University arrived.

Armed with shovels, spades, secateurs, loppers and elbow grease, the team set too.  We split them up into groups of 10 - 15 to tackle different sections of the path.  

The 'first fifteen' (in both senses of the word) were set to work moving 6 tonnes of soil from the gateway - with reassuring words from me that "there is a path under this lot somewhere'!

First 'XV'

The next team, the creative section, were given a pile of logs in which to make a bench....

And what a great result!

Another group were set the task of making a wood pile; this will create a winter home for toads, centipedes and beetles - great friends of the gardener as their diet includes slugs and snails - who in turn attract hedgehogs and birds.  If the wood pile is left undisturbed long enough we may even encourage the Stag beetle.

'Beetle Inn' at Belvoir Castle

After several hours of digging and shoveling the 2nd XV eventually found the elusive path, buried under a foot of soil.

Newly unearthed path leading from The Spring Gardens

We had fantastic weather and a good day was had by all.  A big thank you to Loughborough University Action Volunteers.  'A Great Start' and hopefully we will see some of you back again soon.

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