Monday, 15 April 2013

Spring in Lincolnshire

Sunshine at last and time to brush the cobwebs off my lens.

It has seemed so long since we worked with the sun on our backs; to be quite honest I think it was as long ago as March last year - just before the drought announcement!

The garden we worked in today will be open to the public in three weeks time, so it is all hands on deck.  All is not as it should be - compared to this time last year the plants are three weeks behind.  But with more days like today nature will soon catch up and all the plants will burst into life.  

There are some benefits to the long cold spell though, the snowdrops have lasted much longer than usual and as you can see the hellebores are still at there best.

Helleborus orientalis

Daphne mezereum

Acer Griseum with helleborus and Cornus Midwinter fire

Prunus Serrula
Beautiful mahogany bark of the Prunus Serrula

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