Thursday, 16 May 2013

New Plants Discovered in the Gardens at Belvoir

After 18 months of working in the gardens we now have a better idea of where to look out for precious finds, as well as locating those pernicious weeds.  We run a selective weed killing programme making sure the likes of forget-me-knots and bluebells stay and the docks and nettles are kept at bay.  Already we are beginning to see the fruits of our labours….

Bluebells in Belvoir's Spring Gardens

hi-lighted with the beautiful Rhododendron 'Blue Tit' behind

As part of the massive renovation programme last year, some of the Spring Gardens fell victim to heavy strimming.  With a more selective plan this year, we are discovering some real beauties – look at these lovely darmera peltata.  In early spring naked stems appear from thick rhizomes carrying flat heads of pale pink flowers – mixed amongst these ferns, they look quite mystical.  With this area being wet most of the time, this is a perfect place for bog plants. 

Here is the lovely Polygonatum multiflorum, solomon’s seal

And the Metteuccia struthiopteris in front of one of Belvoir’s many stunning Acers.

Here is a complete carpet of Rodgersia

I love all gardens at this time of year, but here at Belvoir, the selection and collection of plants are truly something to behold.  If you are in the area it really is worth a visit.  Please see the website for times etc.

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