Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Chelsea Flower Show in Lincolnshire!

The sun came out for 2 seconds so I rushed for my camera, as today, I was working in a beautiful cottage style garden bursting with vibrant colours.

Here are some really good examples of combination planting with clever use of colours and textures.  

 Look how the beautiful white barked Birch (possibly utilis jacquemontii) is hi-lighted with white tulips around the base.

 The combination of blues and whites always look good together, especially with a dark background - in this example a Yew Tree.

These two tulips look fabulous together; as well as the different colours the two varieties grow at different heights adding more drama to the scene.

 Orange is always a difficult colour in the garden and not always popular, but here you see a brilliant combination of tulip and Euphorbia.

 This is my favourite, the Alliums are just about to flower.  Alliums are always a favourite even on their own but here, hi-lighted by the pink tips of the tulips - they look spectacular.

This is a different garden but again in the cottage style.

See how the dark Heuchera colour is balanced with the orange of the Euphorbia Fireglow, leading the eye down the garden.

Four years ago this was a long herbaceous border with a small bog garden in it.  It was a massive area on heavy clay soil, which took forever to weed.  So we decided to make it into a woodland walk.  We put bark on the floor to help keep the weeds at bay, and look at it now.

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