Sunday, 1 December 2013

Preparing for Spring 2014

I guess in the gardening world November is the equivalent to a farmers harvest…. Perennials need lifting and dividing, all the years debris needs clearing away and thousands of bulbs need planting…. and to cap it all the days are too short!

But thanks to this great team of volunteers we planted over 5,000 bulbs this autumn, and got the rose garden cleared of weeds.  Martin and I would never have managed this on our own.

For once the weather was fantastic and we all met for a picnic in the sunshine!

The new bluebell wood planned by the Duchess is at last finished.  Initially the woods were cleared of all the self seeded sycamores and holly's, as these were large this was done by machinery and contractors.  Then a team of 20 volunteers cleared all the dead wood and finally another group helped to plant all the English bluebells.  So in Spring 2014 we should see our first carpet of blue.

A big thank you to you all.

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