Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dragons at Belvoir!

My first blog of 2014… what have we been doing?

Well losing my camera; unfortunately it went down with the truc into the lake, so I have been relying on my mobile for pictures which isn't nearly so good.  Especially as it went into the lake as well!

2014 is a big year for the gardens at Belvoir.  The gardens are open this year for an extra 14 days plus the usual 31 advertised days when they are open together with the castle; also we are opening for the National Garden Scheme for two days and for the RHS for a garden tour.

Budgets are still tight; but now we have a dedicated team of volunteers, the challenge is possible, and my sleepless nights not so numerous! 

Here we are splitting all the miscanthus at the end of the rose garden.  From one small row we made another 30 plants which have been transplanted into the new Japanese garden.  As you can see - some weary bodies at the end of the day!

To make the gardens more fun for everyone, a plot has been hatched at Belvoir.   As a child, I remember how bored I was following my mother round endless gardens looking at shrubs and trees, so this year, to make it fun for everyone, there will be a Willow Animal Statue trail for children to follow.   

Various creatures, both mythical and real will be residing in nooks and crannies around the grounds.  Belvoir's resident artist Laury Dizengramel has put her magical skills to work on some willow statues.  I visited her last week to how she was getting on.

As the present Duchess is from Wales we thought a dragon a must. 

I asked Laury if the dragon could be substantial - it is enormous!  You can just see the dragons egg lying by her side.  This will be well hidden and protected (by the dragon) so you will have to work hard to find it when you come to look round…..

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